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Motorcycle Bearings

Motorcycle Bearings

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In today's motorcycle market, high-tech requirements including operability, safety, reliability, and satisfaction are becoming increasingly demanding. To extend the life of motorcycles, it is essential to use bearings made from durable and durable raw materials. SANYON is currently supplying bearings to major motorcycle brands in the world. At the same time, SANYON maintains close contact with customers and has close cooperation in the development and research of new motorcycles and the new bearings they require. Through this collaboration, we have developed a series of specific solutions for applications such as engines, transmissions, chassis and wheels. SANYON experts can ensure that our customers are provided with the best products and coordinated solutions in various application areas. Overall, SANYON bearings can bring the following benefits to our customers:

> Help to reduce the overall cost of motorcycles
> Extend service life and improve machine performance
> Reduce friction and own weight
> Reduce energy consumption and emissions

Thanks to the highly developed parts and assembly lines, as well as low energy consumption and high efficiency production technology, we can provide motorcycle manufacturers and their customers with the highest quality products possible to improve the running time of motorcycles. We provide our customers with high-quality environmentally friendly bearings that effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and cost-effective.

alternators bearings

It is very important for motorcycle drivers to maintain their comfort as much as possible during driving. And avoiding stress and fatigue is an effective means to achieve this goal. For SANYON, maintaining customer comfort is our top priority. We provide a series of high-quality and reliable products to motorcycle manufacturers and drivers to meet their higher requirements for comfort.

Reduce friction to reduce energy consumption
Friction generates vibration, and vibration causes strong noise and wastes energy. And have an impact on comfort. SANYON is equipped with advanced instruments and equipment for research and analysis to minimize the friction coefficient of bearings. Together with low friction grease and optimized seal design, we are able to provide end users with a series of maintenance-free bearing solutions. In addition, SANYON's extensive experience in motorcycle applications can also help customers achieve energy savings.

Environmental protection
Whether you are a motorcycle manufacturer or an ordinary driver, environmental issues are one of the main concerns today. Complying with environmental regulations often requires a high price, but it is very necessary. In addition, SANYON's expertise and innovation in optimizing lubrication, reducing noise and saving energy and reducing emissions reflect its special value. With the help of optimization solutions such as grease lubrication and friction reduction, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and bearing grease leakage, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection. In addition, thanks to the high-quality bearing steel raw materials, we have developed and produced a series of smaller and more optimized products to meet the special needs of customers, and also achieve the goals of reducing energy consumption and improving product cost performance.


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